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Is the cyberdiet an idea whose time has come? Or, is the cyberdiet really just an illusive myth? In other words, does the cyberdiet exist in reality or has the Internet age produced some cyberdiet concept of sorts? Does the cyberdiet exist only in cyberspace or is the cyberdiet a genuine concept in dieting? Can the cyberdiet produce real tell-in-the-size-of-your-jeans results?

A cyberdiet of some sort can be found on the health information links of most ISP’s regular menus. Click one cyberdiet link to be bombarded by cyberdiet pop-up ads offering all kinds of cyberdiet plans. Have you ever actually gone out on a limb and given a cyberdiet web site your e-mail address? If you have, then your e-mail box is operating on overload…compliments of spam from cyberdiet web sites.

The cyberdiet theory is that by participating in a cyberdiet you will lose weight. That cyberdiet theory sounds simple enough but how do you actually participate in a cyberdiet program? Participation in a cyberdiet is actually the purchasing of a cyberdiet membership. Why don’t cyberdiet web sites just say that upfront? Because then you’d know the reality of the cyberdiet concept. The cyberdiet concept isn’t new at all because the cyberdiet concept in reality is getting your money for something that doesn’t exist. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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