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Eating Rules

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Eating Rules

Hhere are the 4 rules of eating:

1. Be relaxed and happy while you eat. If you have tension in any part of your body including the inside of the abdomen, relax.

2. Always sit down while you eat, don't stand, lye down, or move around.

3. When you eat, do only that. Do not engage in any second activity, no matter how simple it may seem.

4. When you eat, "put your mind where your mouth is." Concentrate on the process of eating itself, chew every bite 20 times, especially the first bite. Chewing your food 20 Times Satisfies your body psychologically.Do not take another morsel or piece of food in your mouth unless you have swallowed the one you are already chewing. Keep that spoon, fork, or straw down at the table until you have actually swallowed the morsel in your mouth. Bringing your undivided attention to the process of eating. Follow the entire sequence of tasting, chewing, swallowing, and mentally follow it all the way as food descends into the stomach.

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