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High Protein Diet

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High Protein Diet

A high protein diet is probably the response you will get if you ask someone what kind of diet plan they are following. When you ask what specific kind of high protein diet that they are using, they just rattle off something about the same kind of high protein diet that everyone is following these days. The high protein diet has had its time in the spotlight, faded out a bit, and now the high protein diet is fashionable once again among lots of diet conscious folks.

Do you ever wonder though just what kind of high protein diet works best? How about what foods you can eat on a high protein diet each day? Are there any foods that you can’t eat on a high protein diet and still have successful weight loss while being on that high protein diet most of the time?

Let’s take a look at some qualities of a high protein diet for weight loss.

high protein diet quality #1
In general, a high protein diet suggests eating meats at each meal.

high protein diet quality #2
Most of the time, a high protein diet suggests reducing carbohydrate consumption.

high protein diet quality #3
The suggested menu quite often for a high protein diet is generally somewhat like the high protein diet menu listed below.

high protein diet breakfast

Eggs cooked w/butter
Bacon or Sausage
1 Cup Black Coffee

high protein diet lunch

Hamburger Patti (no bun) 1 Cup Unsweetened Tea

high protein diet dinner

Steak or Pork Chops Salad w/regular dressing 1 Cup Unsweetened TeaSalad w/regular dressing

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