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The isagenix website purports that the number one priority of the isagenix system is quality and safety, isagenix show that content on main page of the isagenix website.
However, if you click on the isagenix link to look at the isagenix fast start program message and scroll to the bottom of the page, there you’ll find the real number one priority of the isagenix company.

At the bottom of that isagenix page, you’ll see the isagenix rule no. 1, which says that rule no. 1 rule of the isagenix plan is to never run out of the isagenix product. It seems that isagenix has somewhat of a dual priority in the isagenix message. Why would isagenix say that quality and safety are its main priorities on the main page of the isagenix web site and then place a message someplace else saying that rule no. 1 of the isagenix program is to always have a supply of the isagenix products?

Maybe isagenix does this for the same reason that isagenix says on the main page of the isagenix web site that isagenix is safe for your entire family. This part of the isagenix message even goes on to say that isagenix is safe for adolescents and younger children. If quality and safety are the main concern of isagenix then isagenix should say that a pediatrician should address weight loss issues in adolescents and children since the isagenix products are neither tested nor directly endorsed by the FDA for treating childhood obesity.





A note from the weight loss staff: Over the years we have heard and researched hundreds of diets and weight loss supplements. To this day we have not found anything more effective than Thermadrol, this is why you will notice that we mention using this product very often on this website. We truly do believe in it's effectiveness for over 75% of users. Thermadrol is a weight loss and Diet AID and should be used WITH an effective diet and exercise program and not just by itself. Since this is a weight loss website and we have tested so many products we feel it is our responsibility to mention this product. We do not accept PAID advertisements for weight loss products on this website.

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