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Lazy Weight Loss

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Lazy Weight Loss Diet

Looking for a lazy way to lose weight? Well, it is usually not that easy unfortunately, but here are some activities that you should be doing anyway and the calories they burn.

1. Housecleaning - 864 Calories Burned-Clean the house and spare your kids the work! e to do but is a necessity (most of the time).

2. Yard Work- 560 Calories Burned-Plant some plants or mow the lawn will trash allot of calories!.

3. Shopping - 325 Calories Burned-Do this all day and maybe you could slim down enough to buy some new clothes during your next workout!

4. Bowling - 414 Calories Burned-Wow, who would have thought this burned calories.

5. Kissing - 145 Calories Burned-Kiss the weight good-bye with this awesome workout, trying this exercise in the gym could get you the admiration of even the biggest bodybuilders!

6. Watching TV - 145 Calories Burned-Don't expect to become am Olympic athlete with this technique, but it is great for a slow warm up to sleeping.

7. Playing Cards - 235 Calories Burned-Put on your poker face and start working out!

8. Sex - 580 Calories Burned-If my wife knew weight loss was this easy I would be a happy man! Remember, the calories burned are for one and a half hours, so you will probably burn less, unless you are combining this exercise with viagra! Now go workout!

*estimated calories burned are based on one and a half hours of each activity at an average body weight of 200 pounds. Actual calories burned vary with your individual body weight, the more you weigh, the more you burn.


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