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The name lindora is one that is becoming more associated with weight loss. Not a new plan, the lindora diet plan has been around since 1971. The lindora program was started by Dr. Marshall Stamper. “Lean for Life” is the name of the lindora dieting plan . A comprehensive program, the lindora weight management system addresses the issues that affect eating habits.

The lindora program is offered by Dr. Stamper through many lindora clinics. The lindora program is also available online. The lindora weight loss program is based upon teaching people to deal with what prompts them to overeat. The idea of lindora is to teach people to overcome situations that cause them to engage in bad eating habits. This method of addressing these issues by lindora is to help people determine better ways to handle situations.

The lindora plan is said to teach people how to eat in a way that is healthy. Normal, everyday foods are eaten on the lindora diet plan. A person can purchase foods for lindora directly from local supermarkets. Provided in the lindora weight loss program are three meals per day, plus three snacks per day. The lindora menu is basically one of reduced carbohydrates, reduced fats with some protein.

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