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The Overeating problem.

Overeating is an unhealthy practice that can absorb all your energy and lead to heart disease. The largest challenge for today's americans is eating in moderation.

There are very many reasons why people over eat. Most frequently why we over eat is because we are not paying attention while we are eating.
Even though most of us enjoy food and love to eat, we are not always attentive to our food experiences.

It can make us feel unsatisfied and lead us toward eating more than if we were paying attention to our consumption.

Developing a rating system to describe how you feel while you are eating can be just the tool to help us become more
aware of when you need to eat and when we need to stop eating. The idea is to eat before you get very hungry and stop eating when we feel comfortable. Focus attention on your food and enjoy eating. Slow down and savor the eating experience, really taste your food and when you start to feel full and comfortable stop. Chew each Bite 20 times.

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