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Are You Getting Enough R.E.M. Sleep

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Are You Getting Enough Rem Sleep?

One of the most ignored areas of bodybuilding is sleep. Many people fail to realize that muscles are built not at the gym but during sleep!

In fact, during intense training, your body may need 9 hours instead of 8 to achieve optimum benefit from your workouts.

And when we say 9 hours, we mean 9 hours of UNINTERRUPTED slumber, not five hours plus a couple of two hour naps.

Why? Because the body doesn’t simply have one mode of sleep – it actually cycles through several different stages.

The earlier stages are the lightest, during which you are easier to awaken.

The stage of sleep where the damage from heavy workouts is repaired (leading to large muscle gains) is the REM, or rapid eye movement, stage. Most people have 4 to 5 REM periods each night, provided they are sleeping 8 to 9 hours a night. REM stages are also when dreams occur.

Sleep deprivation also increases cravings for carbohydrates, decreases your ability to fight off disease, and suppresses the production of insulin.

You are also more likely to be depressed and more prone to feel angry and frustrated at minor provocations.
With insufficient sleep, the body will stop producing testosterone and HGH, thus inhibiting muscle growth.

At the same time, it will start producing more of the hormones that deposit fat. Thus, by depriving your body of the sleep it needs, you are undoing the good done by your routine!

If you don't Get Enough REM Sleep try Somnien, an all natural sleep aid to help you get rest.


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