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The Golden Magical Bullet of the Heart

Found in Thermadrol, arginine is touted as the magic bullet for the heart. To dissect the powers of arginine, it is important to understand that it is a naturally occurring amino acid. In various studies it has given indications that it is the remedy for an ailing heart. In certain individuals, arginine has shown to offer sufferers of mild hypertension with a restoration of normal blood pressure. The news is optimal because the supplement may enable others to reduce their prescription drugs so that they may alleviate the gruesome adverse effects of depression or even impotence.

The positive new regarding arginine and it effects to the heart have demonstrated to decrease cholesterol, clear better paths in the arteries, ease and lower some of the chest pain of angina, augment immunity, turn back the clock of impotence, optimize mental acuity, and various cases diminish a few of the complications associated with diabetes.

But the question becomes, how can a single supplement take care of all these medical conditions? The answer may be found in the fact that arginine's health benefits are stemmed from it conversion to nitric oxide (NO) in the cells that line interior of the blood vessels. Despite the negative effect of nitric oxide in the real world of pollution or that is the primary component of smog, it’s the body's most powerful blood vessel expander and key blood pressure regulator.

Nevertheless, recent news is showing the benefits and advantages of arginine. As individuals mature and develop disorders such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension as well as atherosclerosis, the ability to make adequate amounts of nitric oxide from arginine is impeded. As a result, the cardiovascular health becomes impaired. With the supplementation of arginine, it may quell a myriad of disorders associated with the reduction of nitric oxide synthesis.


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A note from the weight loss staff: Over the years we have heard and researched hundreds of diets and weight loss supplements. To this day we have not found anything more effective than Thermadrol, this is why you will notice that we mention using this product very often on this website. We truly do believe in it's effectiveness for over 75% of users. Thermadrol is a weight loss and Diet AID and should be used WITH an effective diet and exercise program and not just by itself. Since this is a weight loss website and we have tested so many products we feel it is our responsibility to mention this product. We do not accept PAID advertisements for weight loss products on this website.

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