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Pantothenic Acid Does a Diet - Outstanding

Otherwise known as one of the members of the water-soluble B vitamin family, pantothenic acid goes by the pseudonym of vitamin B5. It some trials it has demonstrated substantial results in lowering total cholesterol, serum triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol. As it eliminates the bad cholesterol, it raises the levels of HDL or ("good cholestrerol"). In clinical trials, pantothenic acid 9 showed the benefits of effective treatment for high cholesterol while simultaneously not delivering any unwanted side events. The compound is even now added to some high quality weight loss supplements like Thermadrol.

Consequently, it’s just one of the 21 vitamins and minerals that makes Thermadrol an effective
weight loss treatment. For over 25 years, pantethine has been touted in Japan as the approved prescription for increasing good cholesterol, HDL-C. (Pantethine is dynamic form of pantothenic acid 9). Although, pantethine is a derivative of pantothenic acid, they are not one in the same or interchangeable.

In foods, pantothenic acid can be found in the following food groups:


Salmon, liver and yeast have been found t contain high concentrations of pantothenic acid, which the body uses to produce pantethine. While pantethine is a highly active metabolic substrate, pantothenic acid 9 features its own functions and benefits:

Is required for appropriate growth
Improves adrenaline performance
Stabilizes LDL and HDL cholesterol levels
Lowers hypertension or high blood pressure

In Thermadrol, pantothenic acid works a singular synergistic unit. The 20 high quality nutrients enhances the dieting process into a health revival of the body. For example, as l-carnitine augments the aortic system, green tea extracts replenish the immune system and pantothentic acid 9 normalizes both the good and bad levels of cholesterol in the body. Consequently, it's use in Thermadrol not only optimizes weight loss but does a body – outstanding.


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A note from the weight loss staff: Over the years we have heard and researched hundreds of diets and weight loss supplements. To this day we have not found anything more effective than Thermadrol, this is why you will notice that we mention using this product very often on this website. We truly do believe in it's effectiveness for over 75% of users. Thermadrol is a weight loss and Diet AID and should be used WITH an effective diet and exercise program and not just by itself. Since this is a weight loss website and we have tested so many products we feel it is our responsibility to mention this product. We do not accept PAID advertisements for weight loss products on this website.

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